I’m Rachel,

Writer, Life Coach,Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Registered Hospice Nurse, Mother, and Student of Life.

I am dedicated to helping you find joy in all the chaos.

The Time is Now

I have spent the 15 years teaching in the realm of mind, body, and spirit to men and woman ages 8-98! Now, I am working as a hospice nurse and am honored to be with families and patients in the last days of their lives.

Time is short. We have one life to live. It is my mission to inspire you to live with purpose, meaning, love, and joy.

Thank you for being here. You are in the right place.

Join the Journey

For many years, I was plagued with self-doubt, negative and racing thoughts, anxiety, and even depression. Even while teaching health and fitness to others, I still struggled to find my own way to health and wellness. I knew that fitness and health were the answer, but there was a missing piece.

I discovered that I needed all three elements of my soul, body, and intellect to work together to live the life that I was meant to live. After the integration of these three pieces, I was able to take on life challenges with much more grace than ever before. I am so honored to bring all of my learnings and lessons to you.

My Mission

My mission is to remind you as often as possible that you matter! Your life matters!

Negative energy, self-doubt, and anxiety can be annihilated when new perspectives and healthy habits (mind and body) become a part of your daily life.

My main goal is to aid people in improving their lifestyle and make them more connected and committed to the body and soul. You can live an inspired life, full of love, purpose, and meaning.