Find the Sacred in the Ordinary

What if I told you that each moment that we are blessed to have breath in our bodies is sacred? 

You might say: Well, I know that some moments matter, but what about the hard or painful moments, or the mundane or the boring moments? 

I read a book many years ago called No Ordinary Moments, by Dan Millman. I first found Dan Millman’s, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which I have read over and over through the years. I highly recommend both of these books. 

If you imagine there are no ordinary moments and that all moments contain something sacred, would you treat your life and your days differently? 

Too often, we are running from task to task, barely coming up for air. By the end of the day, we collapse into a heap and wonder how the day got away from us. 

By taking a moment to find the present, we can learn to seek the sacred. The sacred is there, we only have to look for it. 

This past weekend, I was reminded of this again. It had been raining quite a bit and I was heading out to see a hospice patient. She was in the dying phase and it had been a long road for this soul. 

The rain fell on front window behind me. I examined her with my nursing lens and did all the tasks that were necessary. After these tasks, I always stop all the “doing”. Then I am still. I take a deep breath. I am making an effort to be in the moment. To remember the moment, to actively send loving energy into the patient and to the family…To feel the patient’s struggle. And to pray. I am seeking the sacred. 

Remember, the sacred is always there. It is far too easy to overlook it, in our over scheduled and our often not prioritized lives.

Do you know what matters in your life? 

As I experience these much less than ordinary moments, I watch the patient’s breath. I see how it rolls in and rolls out. Often my own breath begins to match their pace. Breathe in. Breathe out. I know that only God knows how many of these breaths we will be gifted to have. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

Breath will cease. That I know. We might not know when, but we can do our best in each ordinary moment. 

Will you make a conscious effort to find the sacred? Not tomorrow, but today.

When the feelings in your life are overwhelming, when the kids are screaming and the house is a mess, when the loss of that loved one feels like too much to bare, when you are taking a walk, when you are working at your job (whether you love it or hate it), when you are washing the dishes, when you are walking to your parked car, when you are gathering the mail, when you are washing your face, when you are paying bills, when you are brushing your teeth, when you are folding the laundry… Stop… and find the sacred. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

All of life matters. You matter. There are no ordinary moments. There are a finite number to the moments that we will be gifted. Please don’t waste them beating yourself up for not being … no doing … not looking like … not achieving … 

Seek the moment you are in. Find the sacred. Be where you are. In the good and in the hard. 

You matter. Your life matters. 

Each Moment Matters. 

I am sending you so much love. I am truly grateful to be in your inbox. 


Dedicated to my beautiful patient, who passed this week, in the rain, in my presence, who no longer suffers, who taught me so much… in am forever grateful…

P.S. Take out a notebook, or even just stop and think for a few minutes. Can you identify a truly sacred moment in your life? Why do you remember it? How can you be more present in your life? What worries can you let go of today? 

You don’t have to be a great writer to journal. Just write. You don’t even have to reread it and your handwriting can be crappy. There is great power in the written word. You can find the sacred.