Seek Beauty

As I write to you, I can hear birds singing outside of my window. Buds are opening and there is newness all around. This renewal can be a chance to celebrate and a chance to clear out what is no longer serving you. If you missed this vital lesson, read it here.

On one of the beautiful spring days last week, I was visiting a patient. A once strong and viral man, he was now confined to his recliner chair, chained to a oxygen machine that allowed his diseased lungs a chance for a few more breaths. 

He had been struggling with many anxieties and worries, but we were able to have the most blessed conversation, talking through them and deciding what we had the power to change. In fact, he will be the inspiration behind the next several weeks of these messages. 

Sun rays beamed throughout the room. A former porch, the room once held many seats to gaze out into the beautiful backyard garden. Now, there was a hospital bed, other equipment, oxygen machines, a wheelchair, and a twin bed for his beloved wife to be near. 

With tears streaming down his face he said to me: “It was just so beautiful. I can’t believe it’s over.” 

His meaning may have been twofold: the end of a lovely day and the end of an adventurous and purposeful life. 

His story is too long to write here. But the lesson is one that we can all learn from. Even while his anxiety tried to overtake him, he still remembered to find something magnificent in that spring day. 

He was searching for beauty in those last days of his precious life. Instead of solely focusing on what he had lost, he saw the sunny day, budding flowers, and heard the birds sing. 

If there are hard things in your life, and I am sure that there are, it can be a challenge to remember to see the beauty that abounds. It can all seem muted or maybe not important at all. But we must look. We must seek. 

You see, love and beauty do exist. Our minds have a natural bent toward the negative. It is not your fault, it is how we are wired. Thankfully, we can rewire ourselves to see beauty, to look for love and meaning, and to live the most meaningful life that is possible. It takes effort–a retraining. 

This wonderful patient reminded me to continue to seek beauty no matter how hard the circumstances. He reminded me that there is hope and love in the worst places. He reminded me to continue to seek God, no matter how far away the soul connection feels. 

He was brave. And I am grateful to have learned so many lessons from him and I hope you can too. 

Never forget that you matter, that your life matters. 

So much love,


P.S. I teach my students, inside of Inspired Motion Academy, exactly how to rewire your brain to seek beauty, joy, love, purpose, and meaning. You can let go of the pain that holds you back. You only need to be willing to find a new way to think. If this sounds intriguing to you, let’s talk. I will be running a special very soon, for all of my original subscribers. (That’s you!) You can reply to this message or directly book a call to chat here. You are amazing and this life is far too short not to embrace a calm and peace-filled life.