You Are a Miracle

We have been given a tremendously precious gift. Sometimes we hold this gift in high regard. Other times, we treat it as though it is worse then something that belongs in the trash heap. 

Sometimes we speak to it kindly and with empathy. Other times, our thoughts and words, to this gift, are rife with distain and hate. 

This gift is our physical body. It is our expression in this physical world. 

This earthen vessel is the vehicle in which our soul travels. It is how we are able to walk, talk, see, and touch. 

And these physical expressions interact with each other. Day by day, one earthen vessel to another, we live, we breathe, we connect. 

Each soul matters. How we treat our bodies matters.  

You see, (and I know that you know this … but do you know it) you only have one. One body, one chance to treat it with the upmost love and care. This body is the vessel that will carry you on, to do the work and be the person that you were designed to be. 

The words that you speak about your gift matter. Many of us are living a self-fulling prophecy. We chastise ourselves for eating the wrong thing and not moving enough. We try to fix the problem with money and forget to turn inward. 

What if the kindness that you use to speak to a blessed child was the same voice that you use to encourage yourself to move, to choose healthy foods, to take time for mediation and yoga. 

We have one life. One chance to do our best. We have a moment in time—a blink, really. 

When the body breaks down, there is still the soul. During the moments before death, there is often a struggle—I believe it is the physical vessel separating from the soul. 

Instead of berating yourself for all the wrong things you have done, change the narrative. 

Decide to talk to yourself in a new way. Decide to treat you body as the temple that it is. (This post is as much for me, as it is for you.) 

We have all made mistakes with how we talk to and how we treat our bodies. We angrily look at the grays and the wrinkles and the stretch marks. We forget that all of those “flaws” are evidence of a life well lived—of a body that has been through a lot. 

Perfection is an illusion. Let me say that again: perfection is an illusion. All of the long luscious locks you see on models, the perfect skin, the ageless beauty of celebrities—it isn’t real. When you look at your instagram and feel “less-than” you are comparing yourself to something that has been filtered. 

Your body is the place in which your soul travels. You have been designed by a power above to do a good work. You can treat your body with the upmost care and respect. You can talk to yourself like you would a world-class champion—because you are. You matter in this world. Your life matters. I don’t end my messages to you with this phrase because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I want you to feel it in your soul. 

I want you to choose healthy things and move your body. I want you to take time in meditation and yoga. But I also want you to speak kindly to yourself. When you make a “mistake” decide to learn and make a different choice. 

If you have young women in your life, teach them what is true. Show them by example. Show them the dangers of social media and how it can be seeped in untruth. You are seeing a snapshot of something that may or may not even be real. Watch what you believe to be true. Watch how you feel when you are looking at something. If you feel yourself feeling “less than” that is a giant signal to unfollow. 

You matter in this world. Your life matters. You were designed for a purpose with special gifts and talents that are unlike any other person. 

I am proud of you for reading this and following this blog. It means that you know there is more to life than meets the eye. I am honored to have your time, as you read. 

Treat yourself well—with words, with input, and with your choices. Send me a reply and tell me one good thing you will do for your physical body today. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

You matter. Your life matters. It is time to live the life you were designed to live. 

Love always, 


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