You Can Only Change You

As you go into the world today, remember that you cannot change anyone or anything outside of you. Control is an illusion. While this might sound quite hopeless, there is so much hope. 

You see, when we try to change others, we suffer. We want the best for those around us and we strive to change them, but all we can do is influence, not change.

We can live by example.

You can change yourself. In fact, you can work so hard on yourself that it does begin to effect others around you. 

You can observe your reactions before they bubble over the top. You can watch your words before they escape from your lips. 

You can choose to live in gratitude, instead of the constant need for more and the constant feeling of being unsatisfied. 

You can choose to love, even those who hate you. 

These are high callings and certainly not easy tasks. Call upon your Higher Power to help you in your quest for a better and more peaceful life. There is no way that I could even attempt to live this way without a connection to God, daily. 

When we are seeking a better way, it takes work and thoughtfulness. It is often true that those around you are not seeking the personal growth that you crave. This can be hard and we can be tempted to push for more change in those around us. As we push, we may suffer. 

I could tell you many stories of my own suffering as I tried to change family members, other loved ones, and even clients. People must be ready for change and only they know when that time arrives. But as you are living your best, when they are ready, you can be there as a resource and source of love through the process. 

Remember, you can only change yourself

You can pray for those around you who need change; you can love them; and you can do your best.

Take a moment, this moment, to decide who you will be today. Everything starts with you. 

This is the only life you have to live. What will you do with it? How will you show up in the world today? 

Will you work so hard on being your best that when you meet your maker, you will be proud of the life you lived? Will you love those around you so much that the love becomes contagious? 

We are all a work in progress. These lessons can be hard to take in. I know this has been a hard one for me to learn. However, we can keep growing, learning, and striving to be our best each day that we are blessed to have breath in our bodies. 

And we can take a deep breath, rest in the present moment, and allow the miracle that is life amaze us. We can bask in the glory of a sunset or and the feeling of the crisp air on our skin. We can take a moment to truly feel a hug and decide that no matter what is happening, we can choose joy. 

Please, always remember that you matter. Your life matters.

It is time to live the life you were designed to live.

So much love,


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