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Your dedicated guide to vibrant health. I specialize in personalized solutions to conquer persistent health issues and reclaim your vitality!

Your body a powerful machine, naturally wired to survive and thrive.

However, life takes its toll. We're exhausted. We experience pain, grapple with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and face a mounting pile of chronic health challenges.

But, there's hope.

When we understand what's at the root of our health issues, we can take charge and really make a difference in our health, no matter the signs, symptoms, or diagnosis.

You can influence your health story.

Even with things we can't control, there are simple steps to help your body start doing what it's meant to do. You don't have to give up.

You have more power than you realize.

I'll show you how to take care of your body, bring it back to full strength, and use its natural healing power to overcome these challenges.

Together, we'll appreciate your body—your most powerful tool—as you take small steps to break free from the struggles of chronic inflammation, heal your digestive health, and so much more.

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My Mission

The state of our world's health is in crisis. Almost half of all adults grapple with chronic conditions, and 95% of older adults deal with at least one.

But we don't have to stick to this narrative.

There's a lot of confusion about health—what exercise to do, what diet to follow. It's overwhelming, and we're not seeing improvement.

My mission is to shed light on the aspects of our health- mind and body- that we can control. I want to help you understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. More importantly, I want you to realize that healing is possible.

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You’re going to love it!

My Story

As a nurse, I have seen pain and chronic conditions ruling the lives of those effected. Frustration, fear, and overwhelmed by the medical system, patients and loved ones alike just don't know how to care for themselves in a holistic way that truly makes them feel good!

For myself, the occasional migraine headaches that initially appeared in my life soon escalated to a point where they were dictating my daily existence. Enduring these attacks over five times a week, I sought help from one doctor after another, desperately searching for a solution. Frustration and anger consumed me, impacting every aspect of my life, including my role as a nurse, and leaving me struggling to be fully present for my family.

A Glimmer of Hope

My life reached a standstill when, in my frustration, I expressed to my neurologist that I was going to try celery juice. Traditional medical interventions were leaving me feeling worse than before, and I yearned for something different. It was then that I stumbled upon Functional Nutrition, a discovery that felt like a lifeline. This approach offered me the healing path I had been desperately searching for. Finally, there was a glimmer of hope, a comprehensive strategy that recognized the complexity of my health issues. Functional Nutrition became my beacon, guiding me towards a personalized route to genuine healing.

3 Simple Steps to Gain Control Over Your Life and Find More Joy

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What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is an individualized and holistic approach to health and wellness that focuses on optimizing the function of the body through personalized dietary and lifestyle modifications. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of various bodily systems and aims to address the root causes of health issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms.
Functional Nutrition takes into account each person's unique biochemistry, genetics, and lifestyle factors to create a tailored and sustainable plan that supports overall well-being and encourages the body's natural healing mechanisms. It emphasizes the importance of a whole-foods-based diet, stress management, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors to promote optimal health.

Finding Wholeness

Integrating insights from Functional Nutrition, my experience as a registered nurse, and my ongoing practice of meditation and yoga brought the relief I'd been seeking. This combination gradually brought more pain-free days, marking a successful journey towards well-being. Functional Nutrition's emphasis on individual uniqueness and interconnectedness prompted a thorough exploration of my life. It wasn't a swift or easy path, requiring tough decisions about my lifestyle. Navigating these challenges, a transformative process unfolded.

Mind, Body, and Spirit Health

Prioritizing my mind, body, and spirit with Functional Nutrition principles sparked a positive transformation. Despite life's challenges, newfound resilience and awareness empowered me to face them gracefully, fostering peace and joy. Now, as a nurse, I share these impactful strategies with clients during coaching sessions, blending my unique health perspective. In the realm of Functional Nutrition, I emphasize the urgency to ditch stress and overwhelm. Through simple strategies and mindset shifts, I guide others to a happy, healthy life, even amidst challenges.

Mind and Body health

Today, I have the honor of helping you increase your energy, find food freedom, and experience an overall feeling of calm and contentment.

Your mind and body can heal. It was designed that way! You just need to know how to give it what it needs and relief can be found.

For you to do the good that you were meant to do in this world, you need to FEEL good. That's where I come in.

There's no time to lose, my friend. I'm so honored to guide you on this path toward healing.


Creating Your Methodology

I guess the blending of science + math + art + public relations + military + paramedic + my problem-solving brain is what makes me so darn good at this stuff.

My methods are often imitated, but never duplicated. LOL.

Seriously though, I love helping amazing people succeed.

I love that I get to help companies that want to grow to $5-15 Million and beyond achieve this.

I’m grateful that I get to be a “valuable companion” and advisor to help people achieve their greatness.

More energy and better sleep

I've noticed a significant boost in my energy levels, and my sleep has greatly improved. The satisfaction from eating nutritious foods has made me less inclined to crave other options, allowing me to go to bed feeling content without the usual sensation of being overly stuffed.


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We know that so many beautiful souls in this world are in dire need of our help. Your support allows us to do more to help in this suffering world.

A Portion of Your Purchase of Secrets to Authentic Happiness, or any Rachel Carta Coaching Product, Goes Toward Helping a Person in Need.

Who We Help...

With your help, we support survivors of domestic abuse and more.


Tame Inflammation and Ignite Your Healing Process

Meet Rachel

Rachel Carta, the author of "Secrets to Authentic Happiness," brings over 15 years of experience in writing and working one-on-one with students.

Her journey led her to complete Functional Nutrition Counseling Training under Andrea Nakayama and the Functional Nutrition Alliance. Additionally, Rachel is a certified Life Coach, having trained under Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes through the Robbins-Madanes Training.

Rachel's mission is to demonstrate that healing is not only possible but achievable. With a belief in the sacredness of life and the uniqueness of each individual's purpose, Rachel emphasizes the miraculous nature of our bodies.

As a hospice nurse in rural Pennsylvania, she considers working with patients approaching the end of life a profound gift and blessing.

In Rachel's words,

"There is no greater blessing than to be in reverence for life and to witness the transition from life and after. It fuels my passion that there is No Time to Lose, and we must get out of our own way to find true health and happiness. We all deserve to believe that we are enough and that we were created for a purpose."

Mother to three amazing children who bring new meaning and joy to her life, Rachel finds solace on the beach, hiking mountain trails, or enjoying tea by the fire with a good book. Her passion for yoga and mindfulness, nurtured over 15 years of teaching, led her to study in Bali, Indonesia. Rachel believes in doing the work towards becoming our best selves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, echoing the sentiment that true well-being requires a holistic approach.