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I'm a life and health coach, and my Mission is helping you manage and Reduce stress, prioritize Your Well-Being, and set realistic goals and boundaries.

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Life in Ruins

For many years, I was plagued with self-doubt, negative and racing thoughts, anxiety, and depression. I was in a profession where I was helping others, but I was falling apart inside. Each day felt meaningless and overwhelming. There was a part of me that was just continually self-sabotaging every effort I made to feel better! I was making terrible choices and my life was quickly leading to ruin.

Screeching Halt

Everything came to a screeching halt when at nine months pregnant, I was dropped off at the emergency department to labor alone. For the next 27 hours, between labor pains, I knew that I had to make a massive change if I wanted to be the mother that my precious son deserved. He was an innocent child and I wanted him to have a loving mother who had control over her life and mind. I wanted him to know joy and happiness, not pain and suffering.

3 Simple Steps to Gain Control Over Your Life and Find More Joy

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Running After Life

I began a deeply spiritual dive into myself and began to combine the teachings that I had learned years ago in health, meditation, yoga, and scripture. I started waking up at 4am to have some time to myself and used journaling and meditation as a way to connect and heal. I let go of the self-sabotaging behaviors, put myself through nursing school as a single mother, and began to see life with brand new eyes. I started teaching the lessons that I learned during yoga classes and health workshops and began writing weekly blog about finding joy and other spiritual lessons. My college English writing degree, yoga, fitness, meditation, life coaching, and nursing degree, finally began to come together.

Becoming the Constant Joy Seeker

When I began to make the health of my mind, body, and spirit a priority, things began to change for the better!

Life didn't get easier. The challenges still came. But I became different and able to take on life challenges with much more grace than ever before while experiencing peace and joy! Now, I teach these life-changing and simple strategies to my clients.

Whether I am working with coaching clients or taking care of hospice patients, I know just how sacred life is and how important it is to live a joyful and healthy life. We don’t have time to waste living in stress and overwhelm. Simple strategies and mind shifts can teach you how to live a happy and healthy life, even amid all of the challenges.

An Expert on the Mind and Body

Today, I have the honor of helping women increase their health and vitality, navigate challenges, gain control of their lives, and find more happiness and joy. I get to help them get out of their own way and step into the lives they were always meant to live.

You have the power to get out of your own way and live the life you were designed to live. Challenges and struggles will always be part of life. It's how you navigate and see those hard things that will define just how happy and healthy you are and how much good you can do in this world.

There is no time to lose. I'm so honored to bring all of my learnings and lessons to you.


Creating Your Methodology

I guess the blending of science + math + art + public relations + military + paramedic + my problem-solving brain is what makes me so darn good at this stuff.

My methods are often imitated, but never duplicated. LOL.

Seriously though, I love helping amazing people succeed.

I love that I get to help companies that want to grow to $5-15 Million and beyond achieve this.

I’m grateful that I get to be a “valuable companion” and advisor to help people achieve their greatness.

You always have a way of reminding me that perspective is everything!

The world is so broken right now and there is only so much one person can do I remind myself daily how truly blessed I am. My husband, children, and grandchildren and my health are my most treasured blessings. Thank you for your powerful words.

Nancy B.

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We know that so many beautiful souls in this world are in dire need of our help. Your support allows us to do more to help in this suffering world.

A Portion of Your Purchase of Secrets to Authentic Happiness, or any Rachel Carta Coaching Product, Goes Toward Helping a Person in Need.

Who We Help...

With your help, we support survivors of domestic abuse and more.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Carta, the author of Secrets to Authentic Happiness, has been writing and working with students 1:1 for 15 years.

Rachel completed her Life Coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under her teachers Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

Rachel's goal is to inspire others to leave their old negative thinking behind and live the incredible lives they were born to live. Watching her students overcome pain and sadness and step into lives full of meaning, joy, and peace, is a great privilege and joy.

Rachel also works as a hospice nurse in rural Pennsylvania. Working with patients who are nearing their end of life is a gift and a blessing.

There is no greater blessing than to be in the reverence for life and to witness the transition from life and after. It also fuels her passion that there is No Time to Lose and we must get out of our own ways so that we can find true happiness. We all deserve to believe that we are enough and that we were created for purpose and love.

Rachel is mother to 3 amazing children who have given her life new meaning and joy.

Her favorite place is on the beach, hiking a mountain trail, or sipping tea near a fire, cuddling up with a good book. Rachel loves all things yoga and mindfulness and feels in her soul that we must do the work toward being our best selves, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Rachel studied yoga and meditation in Bali, Indonesia. She has been teaching for nearly 15 years.